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Preferential Policies


(1) Generalized System of Preferences (GSP)

Enjoy the tariff reduction treatment of the EU GSP

(2) Import Duties

Basic materials such as production raw materials, machinery and equipment, spare parts and auxiliary equipment used by enterprises for their own use are exempted from import duty.

(3) Tax Convenience

30% tax reduction on realized investment profits over 6 years; Accelerated depreciation and amortization; Facilitating the carry-over of losses within 10 years.

(4) Export Tax Rebate

It exempts value-added taxes and sales taxes on luxury goods and raw materials needed for exports bought in Indonesia.

(5)Bonded Area

All enterprises approved by the Indonesian government to set up in the bonded area can enjoy the preferential treatment of import duty, import excise, tax withholding and domestic excise and other taxes.

(6)Foreign Exchange Control

Indonesia is a non-exchange control country. Foreign investors are free to remit their foreign exchange investments and after-tax profits abroad.

Preferential policies



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