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Guangxi Agribusiness Group Corporation Co.,Ltd


Guangxi Agribusiness Group Corporation Co.,Ltd  was founded in 1951. It is a large-scale state-owned modern enterprise group directly under the People’s Government of the Autonomous Region. It is a top 500 manufacturing enterprise in China and a top 50 enterprise in Guangxi. It is a national team that guarantees the effective supply of important national agricultural products and a demonstration area for new agricultural modernization with Chinese characteristics.  The group has 2.02 million mu of land, total assets of 56.2 billion yuan, and 28 secondary enterprises, including 10 professional group companies and 18 farm companies, located in 45 counties (districts) in 14 cities in Guangxi.

In the past 70 years, Guangxi Agribusiness Group Corporation has inherited the spirit of "hard work and pioneering", and has always adhered to "agriculture-oriented". It has formed a relatively complete economic system, integrated agriculture, industry and commerce, and integrated production, supply and marketing. It has three agricultural industries. It will transform the national key leading enterprises, 10 key leading enterprises in Guangxi, 2 Guangxi's 100 billion industrial R&D centers, and build a national exemplary higher vocational college, 1 national key laboratory, 1 national core pig breeding farm and 19 In the autonomous region-level modern characteristic agricultural core demonstration zone, 31 companies have established a quality traceability system for agricultural products, 17 types of agricultural products can be traced throughout the entire process, 2 Chinese famous brand agricultural products, 21 Guangxi's famous brand products have been cultivated, and agricultural modernization, industrial The good pattern of large-scale and enterprise group development is an important force in Guangxi's economic and social development.




Guangxi Agribusiness Group Corporation vigorously implements the "going out" development strategy, focusing on the implementation of 4 overseas projects in Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Russia and other countries, with a total investment of 360 million US dollars, involving overseas economic and trade cooperation zones, cassava modified starch processing, and sisal planting And processing, agricultural product processing, warehousing and logistics centers and other industries are the vanguard of Guangxi enterprises' foreign cooperation.

At present, Guangxi Agribusiness Group Corporation is guided by Xi Jinping's Thoughts on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, thoroughly implementing the central and autonomous region's decision-making and deployment on the reform and development of agricultural land reclamation, focusing on building a modern agricultural "large base, large enterprise, and large industry". The development strategy of laying a foundation in one year, stepping up in three years, and making a big leap in eight years, and cultivating the leading industries of “one core and three new” (that is, the development of modern agriculture focusing on sugar industry, animal husbandry, tapioca starch, sisal, tea, fruits and vegetables Core industries, cultivating and expanding the three new business formats of healthy cultural tourism, commerce and trade, and financial services), and strive to build "leading enterprises in the development of characteristic industries, leading enterprises in rural revitalization, and leading enterprises in the integration of primary, secondary and tertiary industries"; The value concept of “self-reclamation” is to build a safe food industry chain from the field to the table, extend the supply chain, create a “food kingdom” of grain, oil, sugar, milk, meat, fruits and vegetables, and strive to form an aircraft carrier in the agricultural field of the whole region and even the whole country. 

Guangxi Agribusiness Foreign Economic and Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd

Guangxi Agribusiness Foreign Economic and Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Foreign Economic Co., Ltd.”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangxi Agribusiness Group Corporation. It was incorporated in February 2011 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. In 2018, the company was optimized and reorganized, and the registered capital was changed to 200 million yuan. In August 2018, in accordance with the strategic deployment of  Guangxi Agribusiness Group Reform and Development,  Guangxi Agribusiness Group granted and enlarged the company's overseas investment and management service platform functions. As a secondary company of  Guangxi Agribusiness Group and one of the top 10 professional group companies, the company undertakes integration Reclamation's overseas project resources, build a platform for the management and service of agricultural reclamation overseas projects, and carry out functions such as foreign economic and technical cooperation, project management services, and domestic and foreign trade. The company's business scope includes: foreign economic and technical cooperation, project management services; industrial investment in petroleum and clean energy; agricultural and sideline technology development and cooperation; hazardous chemicals wholesale; agricultural service products wholesale and retail; import and export trade. At present, the company has five domestic and foreign companies, managing and serving China-Indonesia Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone Co., Ltd., and Wahana Karya Sukses Mandiri Co. Ltd. (Note: China-Indonesia Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone companies are in Indonesia The subsidiary company) and Guangxi Agribusiness Shiwandashan company in Russia , manage and operate two domestic investment cooperation project companies of Guangxi PetroChina Kenxiang Petroleum Co., Ltd. and Guangxi Agribusiness Jingling Petroleum Co., Ltd.

In April 2020, Guangxi Agribusiness Group Corporation made it clear that "one area, one station, one foreign trade" was the company's leading industry, and gave the company the mission of being a leading export-oriented enterprise. The company will make full use of domestic and international resource advantages to carry out overseas investment, development and operation, gas station investment, operation, refined oil wholesale and retail, and domestic and foreign trade, and become an export-oriented leading Guangxi Agribusiness Group Corporation, striving to become an agricultural product international trade and Guangxi's agricultural enterprise" Go out" vanguard.


PT. Kawasan Industri Terpadu Indonesia China

China·Indonesia Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the cooperation zone) is the first national-level overseas economic and trade cooperation zone set up by China in Indonesia that integrates industrial production, warehousing, logistics, and trade. It is also the first overseas economic and trade cooperation zone established by Guangxi. Overseas Economic and Trade Cooperation Window Park. Established in 2008, the cooperation zone is a large-scale overseas industrial park undertaken by Guangxi Agribusiness Group Corporation Co.,Ltd. It is located in the Indonesian capital of Greater Jakarta, in the central area of the industrial corridor in eastern Jakarta-the Yawan Economic Belt. In August 2016, the cooperation zone passed the confirmation assessment by the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Finance.

The overall planned area of the cooperation zone is 492.25 hectares, including 205 hectares in the first phase and 287.25 hectares in the second phase. The main functions and industrial positioning of the first phase are auto parts manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, deep processing of agricultural products, building materials, warehousing and logistics services ; the main functions and industrial positioning of the second phase are bonded logistics, fine manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, commercial catering and hotel facilities. The overall goal is to build the cooperation zone into a modern international economic and trade cooperation zone integrating industrial production, commerce, warehousing and services, and important production, supply, marketing and warehousing distribution center for China's superior industries in Indonesia. The cooperation area has complete infrastructure such as roads, drainage, power supply, and communications, and has modern administrative office buildings and standard workshops available for lease. The surrounding environment is beautiful, municipal supporting facilities are complete, residential areas, commercial areas, banks,hospitals everything needed is ready.


At present, the total investment in the cooperation zone is about 1.245 billion, and the total contractual investment of the cooperation zone and the enterprises in the park is 1.203 billion US dollars. There are more than 4,000 employees in the zone. There are 55 enterprises in the cooperation zone, including 28 Chinese-funded enterprises. It accounts for 50%, including well-known domestic companies such as China Xidian Group and Mengniu Dairy Group; and world-renowned companies from Indonesia, Japan, France, New Zealand, Finland, Malaysia and other countries and regions, such as French Schlumberger Service company (Fortune 500), New Zealand Fonterra Foods Company (the world's largest exporter of dairy products), Japan's Yamazaki Bread.

At present, 36 enterprises in the cooperation zone have been completed and put into operation, and 9 enterprises are under construction. The investment fields involve agricultural products processing, food processing, machinery manufacturing, transformers, automobile assembly, warehousing and logistics and other industries. The industrial corridor where the park is located has gathered many well-known enterprises from China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other countries and regions, and the industrial agglomeration effect is obvious. The second phase of the project will highlight the new era, new characteristics, and new requirements in terms of intelligence, industrialization, and integration, and fully reflect the current level of China's technological development, industrial development, and intelligent manufacturing. Indonesia's high-level economic and trade cooperation platform serves Chinese companies entering Indonesia, ASEAN, and even the world.


Wahana Karya Sukses Mandiri Co. Ltd.


Wahana Karya Sukses Mandiri Co. Ltd.,  is the second phase project operating company of China-Indonesia Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone. It is composed of China-Indonesia Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone Co., Ltd. and Indonesia's Karyatama Graha Pei. Elsada Co., Ltd. was established as a joint venture, and its main business is industrial real estate. The land requisition work has been basically completed, and the current phase two planning and the preliminary work of infrastructure construction are progressing in an orderly manner.


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